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Unfulfilling end – Jocke spoils movies

Monday, November 17th, 2008

How come the end of movies is such a hard ting to do right?

I saw Burn After Reading this weekend and there was one scene missing in the end, or at least I felt like I wanted to see Ozzy Cox one last time before the credits.
This made the film feel a bit less in my eyes. It was still cool and all that. But I keep feeling like I was tricked in someway.

Just like in Pirates 3 when Kiara doesn’t turn into Calypso (witch would have made sense to the end and finish of the trilogy in a good old epic tragedy way). Or when out of the blue it’s a dream or someone was dead the entire time (Boxing Helena, Jacobs ladder and Alice in wonderland pull the dream thing. Sixth sense and The Others do the dead deal).

The only thing that’s worse is when you see the “complex” end coming miles away. I have no problem with films where you can figure out who the killer is, or who is scamming whom, but when it’s meant to be a twist and the writer/director cant hide it I get disappointed. Sleepy Hollow tells you who the killer is when the characters are still being introduced and The Others became obvious to me within the first 30 min or so. However both films are good, Sleepy Hollow being a masterpiece in its genre and the others being a non-Japanese ghost story. The very crapy teenage slasher Urban Legends (staring the lovely Alicia Wit, who was my first television crush when she was Zoey in Cybill) has a great advantage over… oh lets say I still know what you did last summer. In Urban Legends you can figure out who the killer is, there are a few clues and its not impossible to figure it out during your first viewing of the film (and why would you watch it mote then once? its still crap) while in I still Know… its just no way of knowing.

Then there is the third kind of mystery, the one who claim that you can solve it, while you actually cant. A perfect example is Saw, where you think that jigsaws identity is someone you could guess while in reality it’s one of the extras who is the killer. How crappy is that? “Oh, it was the guy in the videostore where I rented E.T who raped my kids and killed my dog and eventually made me saw my own leg off. I should have guessed. ”
Another thing with the Saw movies: the guys who made them didn’t get why the first one was quite good. Saw has a cool and mysterious set. The abandoned room, a room filled with secrets. The guys in the room also have their secrets. Once in a while we see a gory sadistic killing, to explain why this setting can be and to unsettle the audience. In Saw 2all the smarts and mysteries are gone. Only the death traps remain and in saw 3 we are expected to care for Jigsaw and his apprentice, we don’t. Is a bit like caring for a can of pop or a can of Hitler flavoured pop.

Also I saw Resident Evil 3 this weekend. It was good at being what it was. The post apocalypse was post apocalyptic, the zombies where zombies and dust and explosions and umbrella corporation and strange clones and… It was by far the best of the Resident Evil films and also one of the best post apocalyptic movies I’ve seen in ages. This doesn’t make it as good as The Crow or anything, but sill its a few steps on the right side of OK.