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Paint the exebition red!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

My Vaio have returend from its trip to France.

I thought we would get the whole thing were building for EX-TECH done by today but a million of things got between me and actual work being done. Things like lectures and presentations. In the end we actually had time to put the large pieces of wood together and the so to say frame for Marble Inferno was real. And red. Really red. And now there is lots and lots of stuff left to do before Thursday when I will make my fist trip back to Stockholm since I left.
Today I also found out that the Stockholm hyper kids have planned some sort of presentation that will be rolling for the main part of the evening where people are meant to stand and represent their class. We are meant to bring a 15″ macbook pro to make it look “professional” it will display what we have done so far in the classes.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
I don’t even know where to start on this one… It’s just too much.. Firstly I’m there to get drunk for as little cash as possible with the Stockholm ad-biz. Secondly how does a 15″ macbook pro look more professional than a 17″ or a regular macbook or any other laptop for that matter? Thirdly how does my future career get a boost from showing 15 second long motions by people who can’t actually use after effects properly but have done so anyway? Fourthly why didn’t we get our hands on this info ages ago, like the 26: th when it apparently went out to the co-workers?

On a happy note: The new season of Weeds is so much better than the two earlier ones. The plotlines and the dialogues are sharp. Have they changed the main writer of the show or did Showtime finally cut the old one loose to do what she actually wanted to do from day one? Keep it up Jenji Kohan!

Hear me now and beleve me later!

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Sitting in the dining hall in Duckburg, diners just over and everyone has turned focus to their laptops once again. The coffee is still fresh. Kasper has just run out of strange music.
I’m tired.
Dead tired, to be honest.

We had our presentations earlier today, and to be quite frank our class really needs to work on the presentation skills. A few groups made sort of nice motions but the constant talking, agency after agency dissected, how many employees, what their specialty was going on forever and ever and ever. Can’t say that my group was any different, if anything we had more computer trouble then the rest and kept to formula for the rest of the presentation.

I bought a portable hard drive today, rely useful since I’ll have to send my partly broken lappy for reparations in the next few days. Just hope that Sony sends me a backup computer.

These blogs of ours (or in Isak’s case weblog) just keep growing in numbers, what are we really meant to use them for? Most of them just contain a “hello world” kind of message and maybe the 15 sec motion we did for this Monday. My two former blogs where complete failures in the end. no one really read them, hand i didn’t care to update them often.

Here are the links to the old and dead blogs: Oraklet talar and Ickebloggen. Ickebloggen was written under the clever pseudonym Johan.