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Grönsaker Direkt

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Grönsaker Dirket aproched us and wanted a new graphic profile, they deliver vegetables and other foodstuffs door to door and grow almoast everything themselves. We creatd a new logotype, bags for vetables, potatoes, carrots, a newsletter and did a compleate redesign of their hompage.

As a project manager my big challenges in this run-of-the-mill kind of project was keeping the team inspired and interested in their tasks.

The Project Lifecycle

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

So, Friday was a deadline in our current module, the project lifecycle, where I act as Project Manager for two of the groups. The difference on our projects makes it hard to sum up what the module was about. One of my groups made a complete redesign of a local business, the other have been creating what is meant to be a strategy for Vin & Sprits digital magazine.

Let’s see how it works out on the client presentations. 

T-P-L-C, is that what you are to me?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Since I’m having this blog on both this url and Jochmetropolitan updating takes me about two minutes longer than it used to, that is bothersome. In the future I’ll try to shut down the other and only update the newlaseridea blog. However since almost no one reads neither right now I don’t expect a riot at my house for doing so.

We have just started up the new module The Project Lifecycle and I’m Project Manager for two of the groups, we have real authentic live clients paying us nothing but IF they like what we do they pay the school a small symbolic fee. So, that’s realism down the drain if you ask me.

On the other hand not to be so grumpy (I had enough of that during the Creatives Unlimited development)the contact with real clients with real client feedback is probably a great experience, more on that after lunch when one of my groups actually meet the client for the first time. It’s a redesign of a website that we try to turn into a whole graphic profile. Lets see how that plays out…


Thursday, February 21st, 2008

So, I’m at Deasign with Filip Redelius for a few days. People call it Sweden’s best agency and give them awards for it so I guess they’re good. After two weeks of short interviews we finally got to stay at Deasign for two whole days, a great opportunity to se what its like, not what they say it’s like, compared to Ottoboni or Svensson where w just had interviews and then had to look at what they said and our few impressions of the actual work.

There seem to be a lot of old hyperkids (some so old they would call themselves hypernauts) around Deasign, including a girl from crew 12 internshiping (sorry I can’t remember her name but I was just introduced to 25-something persons and all the names are a big mess right now), If that’s not a good sign for upcoming internship possibilities then what is?


A short reflection: after visiting a few agencies: Is there possible to do a career in this biz without being named Anna or if you’re male having a mother, sibling or girlfriend named Anna? It seems to be impossible

Live from Telefonplan

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

I’m working from Hyperisland’s Stockholm location today. So far the project management spec is going well. We were at Ottoboni Group yesterday and spoke with them for a few hours. They were a working bunch; it feels like an agency you go to work at after playing for a few years at hipster-webaward agencies, when you feel like separating your work from your social life, not like they are stiff and boring but you don’t juggle apples and scream things in the reception while brainstorming. A place to work while you’re children is growing up. They where polite and professional and I’d like to go back again before we leave, mainly to see their project managers meet on Fridays and plan out the next week, structure is not something you can interview someone about and learn from, you got to see it in action.

So far so good. Still trying to find an agency to swing by late Friday afternoon for one of the institutional Fredagsöl.

STHLM united

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

So, in a few hours I’m going up to Stockholm again. Workshadowing they say. I don’t know yet how it’s meant to be done, but I’m getting there. I felt confident that everything would just work out itself with this module, since so much of it isn’t depending on us for once. I’m not conceptualizing, making 50 new business ideas in eight minutes or blindly messing up a perfectly good piece of php. This is just humans, we just watch them. Not to talk about the “live” projects for next module, it feels like we could just send out six or seven random emails and then have fifty projects. Sure it’s not that simple, but just dealing with the logistical and human parts of stress and not the sit-in-front-of-your-computer-and-be-creative stress is so nice. Today I love this module.

My Stockholmian friends called and asked if I was going with them to Gothenburg this Easter, we have gone there every year since the dawn of time to lock ourselves in a school and tell stories, like I sort of maybe wasn’t. It made me once again realise how worthless my communication skill is, I haven’t spoken to them since I saw them around new-year.

Sleep now.