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Mimicking work

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

We are in the first week of The Industry Project, our weary last module before summer-holidays and internship. It’s quite good; we act as three separate agencies with real life clients and make believe budgets. I got appointed the CEO position of my agency and have spent the last days counting man-hours, costs and profit. Right now we’re getting into routines and have assigned smaller groups to each client. I’d like to say we are on top of it, but this being Hyper Island I’m sure we’ll get hit by the storm quite soon. Actually looking forward to it.


Sunday, April 13th, 2008

The Project Lifecycle ended in flames, terror and all the other things that show how close to disaster you’ve been walking.

If you only look to results, however it was a success. The Grönsaker Dirket farmers loved our stuff and so on while Ottoboni and Vin & Sprit was curious and wanted to know more, but not all out declaring us heroes of the biz.

But back to the bad stuff:

I don’t think I’ve been so out of control about anything else before in my life and so clueless about how to solve it.

I seriously hope that all of the internal chaos and discomfort is not my fault cause then I don’t know how to handle the Industry Project module in a month.

Until then I’m off to Amsterdam to do some kind of work with Epitaph, the record company that once upon a time had cool bands like Agnostic Front and New Bomb Turks but now are left with Millencollin and that whole thing. It will be great!

The Project Lifecycle

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

So, Friday was a deadline in our current module, the project lifecycle, where I act as Project Manager for two of the groups. The difference on our projects makes it hard to sum up what the module was about. One of my groups made a complete redesign of a local business, the other have been creating what is meant to be a strategy for Vin & Sprits digital magazine.

Let’s see how it works out on the client presentations. 

T-P-L-C, is that what you are to me?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Since I’m having this blog on both this url and Jochmetropolitan updating takes me about two minutes longer than it used to, that is bothersome. In the future I’ll try to shut down the other and only update the newlaseridea blog. However since almost no one reads neither right now I don’t expect a riot at my house for doing so.

We have just started up the new module The Project Lifecycle and I’m Project Manager for two of the groups, we have real authentic live clients paying us nothing but IF they like what we do they pay the school a small symbolic fee. So, that’s realism down the drain if you ask me.

On the other hand not to be so grumpy (I had enough of that during the Creatives Unlimited development)the contact with real clients with real client feedback is probably a great experience, more on that after lunch when one of my groups actually meet the client for the first time. It’s a redesign of a website that we try to turn into a whole graphic profile. Lets see how that plays out…

New semester

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

So, the portfolio is still somewhere in development hell… All the text is done and i have made some wordpress experiments. However I don’t feel like its moving forward and that is not so good.

Christmas and New Year and all that was a blast but now the cold, harsh, Karlskronian reality have me in a tight grip.

I and Filip Redelius spent an evening working on a short motion sequence; the idea was that the project should take no longer then three hours from start to finish. It became a DVD-menu for the movie White Zombie (since it was public domain and we wanted to include footage from the film itself). The result can be found at this link

There is just so much to do, it never seem to end. Me and Carl are the copy’s for our class-site and have spent sever hours trying to develop a nice but firm tone of voice for all the stuff we need to write.

In other news, AdLibris billed me for a book they haven’t sent me, and that is a bit bothersome.

All I can do is read a book to stay awake..

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

I apology for the lack of updates lately, there is however a good reason for it. Since my arrival at Hyper Island I’ve spent a whole lot of time in front of my laptop. I worked on it all day, went home with it and spend the night watching different TV series, playing games and sis some heavy facebooking. After a trip to Stockholm a few weekend ago I realized how free I felt without my computer with me at all times. Then i started to leave it in school, staying for maybe an hour or so later the days i felt like watching some show or playing some game and it made me feel so much more like a real person again. However the blog has been suffering since I regularly update in the middle of the nights when the insomnia just keeps me going and going and going like a dammed Duracell bunny…

We are acting like a design agency for another group right now and I’m doing a lot of odd jobs, I started as Copywriter (and I still am) but have ventured into the strange land of Interaction design and I helped the graphical people with a few lesser tasks during the last week. It’s quite good but I’m getting a bit fed up with the project. I just want it to be over with and start with the next module.
We have had really great time management and is all but done with two days to deadline. So it’s easy street all the way to Christmas Eve.

A few days ago I got my copy of Guitar Hero II and I’ we spent some nights rocking away with it, since I know a guy who makes custom electric guitars came with the brilliant plan to turn a real guitar into a controller instead of the small plastic one that comes with the game. We’ll see how it works out in the end.

About the new season of Nip/Tuck: What the hell is going on? Have some of the staff writes from Days of our lives taken over the show? The supremely cool and smart shock-soap(tm) has turned completely bonkers. Sociopathic übersmart blackmailing schoolgirls, sexual exploits for the sole purpose of getting a pair of tits mote into this week’s episode, turning one of the main characters into a male prostitute, characters changing the way they work (witch into he beginning was Nip/tuck’s biggest strength) as often as regular people shower… The list goes ever on.
Get it together!

All good things are three

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Firstly my group presented our business idea to the bank yesterday and we ALMOST got a yes from them. Our project was a independent music/games/movie store and they thought we should get one of the artists who are cutting themselves free from the major labels (like Radiohead just did) with us before we could have our three million sek, it was in my opinion the best possible outcome. I’m proud like the father of a newborn child. Also the modules now over and that’s also nice.

Secondly Farfar has done another really cool website, its at check it out now! Probably everyone in Stockholm already know about it but it’s great to see that someone has not axed their cleverness division yet (yes I’ we been watching too much zeropunctuation lately).

Thirdly Nip/tuck is back again and better, so is Julia. Joely Richardson who plays Julia moved back to England to take care of her sick daughter in the middle of last season and was written out of the series, but with possibility to return and now she has. If you’re not really sure what I’m talking about get the god dam DVD boxes today! Nip/tuck is probably the most qualitative show yet, While it’s not my favorite show of all time it still has best acting, script and is just provocative enough. They have changed the look of the operations from last season, usually it’s a mix of grace and gore but this time around the grace parts are not to be found for some reason.

Light Our Path

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I thought about an old guidebook that I studied on some or other scoutmaster course several years ago, I think the Swedish title was “Lys vår led” (which roughly translates to light our path), and how one sided it was. Being the project manager for this module I’ve had to look back and reinvent my leadership style. Old stuff like lys vår led drifts ashore from the large ocean of passive knowledge. back then I thought it was quite a crappy book, it presented theories on how to make the kids listen to you, how to make the program well balanced and of course the basic “do this in case of emergency” instructions. Everything hard about being a scout master I had to learn myself, courses and seminars served as a good way to hear how other people did it and maybe give them something to try as well, but it was mainly easy stuff like where there was a good cabin to rent for a weekend in the forest with the kids or how they planned their trip to Iceland or some other whateverness. How to make an imprint and hopefully add something to the kids was something I had to learn by trying, trying and then trying some different stuff. In the end the control and comfort I and the kids felt with each other was in proportion to their age. I work best with the oldest age group that are somewhere between ninth grade and second/third year into the Swedish gymansiet (16-19 year olds). My leadership is sort of sneaky and from the backline at this point. I try to find out what they want to do quite early in the year, let them rediscover it a few months later, sometimes i decide but make them think its their own choice and so on, I provide the solid wall they can lean upon and the one to ask about stuff they don’t know, but mainly I try to make them reach their own goals and to make them feel as strong and independent as possible while reaching it.
However during my time on Hyperisland I found this entire method unfitting. Mainly because hyper island is not a place you show up to once a week to do something you and your friends have decided to do. It’s a simplified work simulator.
I needed time and practice from IS and exp-tech before daring to try the Project Manager role. Time to dethatch from what I used to do and how I used to do it. These two first weeks in the rearview mirror, I’m not really sure I’ve succeeded. Yet. It’s really hard to say, the strangest thing about our group is that whatever we decides I have to repeat once before it actually counts. I’ve been saying “So, it’s the meaning of the group to..” and “Yes, We all want to [insert diction here] right? then let’s do it.” more times than I thought was possible.

Let’s see how it plays out..

Paint the exebition red!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

My Vaio have returend from its trip to France.

I thought we would get the whole thing were building for EX-TECH done by today but a million of things got between me and actual work being done. Things like lectures and presentations. In the end we actually had time to put the large pieces of wood together and the so to say frame for Marble Inferno was real. And red. Really red. And now there is lots and lots of stuff left to do before Thursday when I will make my fist trip back to Stockholm since I left.
Today I also found out that the Stockholm hyper kids have planned some sort of presentation that will be rolling for the main part of the evening where people are meant to stand and represent their class. We are meant to bring a 15″ macbook pro to make it look “professional” it will display what we have done so far in the classes.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
I don’t even know where to start on this one… It’s just too much.. Firstly I’m there to get drunk for as little cash as possible with the Stockholm ad-biz. Secondly how does a 15″ macbook pro look more professional than a 17″ or a regular macbook or any other laptop for that matter? Thirdly how does my future career get a boost from showing 15 second long motions by people who can’t actually use after effects properly but have done so anyway? Fourthly why didn’t we get our hands on this info ages ago, like the 26: th when it apparently went out to the co-workers?

On a happy note: The new season of Weeds is so much better than the two earlier ones. The plotlines and the dialogues are sharp. Have they changed the main writer of the show or did Showtime finally cut the old one loose to do what she actually wanted to do from day one? Keep it up Jenji Kohan!

High: Expec-Tech-tions

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

After the terrible discovery that there was an unexpected extra day of the weekend I started to crawl up the walls of Duckburg. Quite literally, just ask anyone in the collective. Tuesday was a bliss, finally something to do! Te lecture was good and the first assignment was fun. I’m relay positive about my group that will work trough this uncharted wasteland of opportunity and dreams during the weeks to come.
The Lecturer we had today, Björn Renner, cold best be described in the original meaning of the Swedish word “flunmmig”. This will require some background, especially for the international readers. Flummig is a word that now-a-days basically is a combination of weird and wasted but in the 70’s it meant something quite different; shocking and trying to shake your believes foundation but in a safe and secure way. There is to my knowledge no word in ether Swedish or English with that meaning so I, from time to time, actually say “Flummig, in the words original meaning.” in conversation where I see it fit.

Tomorrow my dear Sony Vaio will go on a holiday to France, because PC’s suck and Mac’s rule. It will return in 5-10 workdays. See you all then.