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Can you spell IPRED?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Background for non Swedish: The Swedish government is made of seven parties, two of them are large and the other five are small.
The two large parties are Socialdemokraterna (S) , originally the socialist party, who has held power for most of the time post WWII. In school I was thought that they built the Swedish welfare, and that all good came from these guys. They oppose the liberal party Moderaterna (M). Once in a while (M) with help from a few of the more random parties win an election, as they did 2006. I was thought that (M) stood for conservative opinions, the end of welfare and a world where the rich got richer and the poor worked as slaves.

So why did the evil guys win the election?

Well lets just say that political parties change over time. (S) turned more and more into a creature of profit, youth unemployment grew to its largest numbers ever and they gabled away our retirement funds. At the same time (M) made strong points of how the everyman worker would profit from having them in government, how they liked immigrants and gay people where (S) only tolerated them and so on. They gave themselves a likeable persona while (S) became te symbol of everything that was wrong, very wrong in Sweden.

But that was not all. (M) struck an alliance with the other three parties who are considered being on the right side of the political scale.
These two strategic moves made them seem like the reasonable choice in the 2006 election.

I say reasonable because they didn’t win any kind of landslide victory. And also because I didn’t vote for their side. What did I have against the good guy who cared for people of different colours and religion and also wanted to give the everyman more cash in his pocket?
I didn’t like his friends. The other parties who now govern Sweden are: Kristdemokraterna, the Christian democratic party, and its my opinion that religion should be kept as far from politics as possible. Centerpartiet, the centre party, who I never really got. I think they like farms and farmers, but I might be way out of hand here. And finally Folkpartiet, the liberal peoples party who are like a French radical rightwing party disguised as a kitten with a diabolical grin.

Now for a while things looked bright and we all (even I) thought: Hey, we might make it trough these four years and actually come out better on the other side!

But now things have been happening, and I feel that citizens of Sweden are becoming trapped in something horrible.

It started with the FRA-law, a law tailor-made to keep the Swedish neutrality and not getting NATO pissed of at us.
This law allows the Swedish military to wiretap the entire Swedish internet traffic and all cell-phones (and ip-phones and so on).
All the time.
And also all traffic that for one reason or another moves trough Sweden. The Swedish military unit that are meant to deal with this information already have the worlds 18 (or something like that) largest supercomputer, and now they are buying another one the same size.

There are two things that are dreadful with this law.
1. Our privacy is being invaded, by the military that should have nothing at all to do with Swedish citizens, or any citizens at all in fact. Freedom and power has been taken from the people by the government and handed away, out of the democratic process (Yes, since the military can overthrow the government and declare martial law they are outside the democratic system).
2. This technology is not future proof. That you as a citizen have nothing to hide today doesn’t mean you have nothing to hide tomorrow. Lets say the Nazis take over Sweden; they have information of not only who right now is talking to whom. They also know what people are connected to each other, and where a resistance is likely to form. To take another more down to earth scenario, lets say you hid some guys that the CIA wanted to fly down to Egypt and torture for a bit, like (S) used to let them do, the CIA will know not only that you hid them, they will also know exactly where and who everyone you care about are and use that information to put pressure on you.

And now, today IPRED is the new deal.
It’s a law meant to fight internet piracy. And that might be a good or bad thing, that’s up to you and your opinions. The important thing is that Fredrik Reinfeldt, the prime minister stated back in late 2006 or if it was early 2007 that no such laws should be made, nor passed.
“We have more important issues than criminalizing a whole generation”
Anyway here it is, and of course as a friend of the public I have to point it out. He not only broke a promise, he did exactly the opposite of what he promised.
But wait, there’s more!
The thing IPRED does, to cut it short, is that it allows companies to investigate what IP number who copies their copyrighted products, get consumer data from the ISP, and file a big fat lawsuit to the consumer.
In essence, you steal some internet from your neighbour to download The Dark Knight and BAM! Warner Bros. sues your neighbour for a couple of buckets of gold, if your neighbours don’t agree to pay the case will be taken to court.

What’s so bad about this then?

Well it’s once again power leaving the democracy and going elsewhere. Global multimillion corporations should not do police work; that should be done by the police. Once again the government we elected don’t trust us and more of our freedom is taken away.

That’s what this post really is about.
Democracy is based on freedom and the Swedish government is taking this freedom away from us, undermining the whole democratic system. They are tearing down the system and replacing it with a militaristic capitalistic system and that might not be reparable damage.

Over and out.