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Marble Inferno

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Project description: Create something new with an existing technology, we had Lego Mindstorms, block shaped device that uses sensors to trigger engines and can communicate with computers via Bluetooth.

How it was done: We built a marble track that combined analog and digital components. we used the marble, user input and digital input to trigger the engines.

My part: I was the chief engineer on this project and created several of the physical solutions, the hardest part was the elevator that took the marble from the bottom of the track to the top and a gate that kept the marble in place while the user played a flash game on a computer screen. I had to think creative with the equipment we were handed and learned a lot about building a model. I also realized that I had to appear a lot more designated and sure about my ideas when i had people working under me.

How it came out: The model worked perfectly until the light in the expo hall changed. A core element was the light sensor and it was too hard to re-configure.

Watch the Experience Technology expo on Youtube we where the first group.