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All good things are three

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Firstly my group presented our business idea to the bank yesterday and we ALMOST got a yes from them. Our project was a independent music/games/movie store and they thought we should get one of the artists who are cutting themselves free from the major labels (like Radiohead just did) with us before we could have our three million sek, it was in my opinion the best possible outcome. I’m proud like the father of a newborn child. Also the modules now over and that’s also nice.

Secondly Farfar has done another really cool website, its at check it out now! Probably everyone in Stockholm already know about it but it’s great to see that someone has not axed their cleverness division yet (yes I’ we been watching too much zeropunctuation lately).

Thirdly Nip/tuck is back again and better, so is Julia. Joely Richardson who plays Julia moved back to England to take care of her sick daughter in the middle of last season and was written out of the series, but with possibility to return and now she has. If you’re not really sure what I’m talking about get the god dam DVD boxes today! Nip/tuck is probably the most qualitative show yet, While it’s not my favorite show of all time it still has best acting, script and is just provocative enough. They have changed the look of the operations from last season, usually it’s a mix of grace and gore but this time around the grace parts are not to be found for some reason.