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A Brand New Laser Idea

Monday, August 18th, 2008 is a cool dynamic feedback forum that I just heard about trough the grapevine. I decided to get my own and see if annyone got a suggestion or two for newlaseridea.

Click here, or follow the feedback link in the contact box.

Epitaph Strategy

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

I and three other students went to Amsterdam during our second specialization module to do a three week project for Epitaph Europe.

What started as a research brief with the purpose to give us some ground for a promotional tour/CD-release snowballed into a online strategy for the entire record company.

They were taken and looked a bit worried after our presentation. It took then a bit more than 40 minutes to call us and say that they wanted to use it somehow.

A few weeks later they sent an email to tell us that our strategy is going to be presented to the big-shots in the states.

The greatest success yet. 

Grönsaker Direkt

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Grönsaker Dirket aproched us and wanted a new graphic profile, they deliver vegetables and other foodstuffs door to door and grow almoast everything themselves. We creatd a new logotype, bags for vetables, potatoes, carrots, a newsletter and did a compleate redesign of their hompage.

As a project manager my big challenges in this run-of-the-mill kind of project was keeping the team inspired and interested in their tasks.

Creatives Unlimited

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Our class released the traditional yearly Hyper Island class-site yesterday.

It was a HUGE project with 50-something peope working on it.

As Chief Copywriter I was in charge of text and all that stuff. I aslo sat in on some meetings the concept people had.


New Laser Idea

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Project description: Create a portfolio to market yourself for the internship in the fall of 2008.

How it was done: I started by thinking about what I had done during this semester and how to present it in a way that showed both the project and my part in them, since I’m not a designer I found one who would help me with the design; Simon Mårtelius, a graphic designer at Farfar agreed to help me.

My part: Creating content and creating a good way of presenting it, I also researched different portfolios to find sources of inspiration for Simon.

How it came out: This is it. The hardest part was to exlude categories from the frontpage, I ended up using a plugin named Advanced Category Excluder. I learned a lot about how php works, not quite enugh to code but I get how it works and what it does.


Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Project description: Create a visual profile from another group’s concept and development business idea according to their demands. We were to create a graphical profile web platform and a logotype for the company-community Lingua.

How it was done: We got our clear roles in the project and worked against a lot of internal deadlines. The logo was created by the ad and the other people in the graphic department, the webpage was designed to be easy to use with focus on clear icons and a lot of interaction design.

My part: I was the Interaction designer and the copywriter, I read up on interaction design and built a map of the page on my wall to ensure easy navigation, I also made the decision to put the navigation bar in the left side of the screen for faster navigation.

How it came out: we worked a lot with the graphical profile and the client was satisfied.

Zeppelin – The online music revolution

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Project description: Create 50 business ideas, choose the best one and a working business plan, and present this to a board of venture capitalist, business angles and bankers

How it was done: To develop the different ideas we tried a verity of brainstorming ideas and after the fifty different ones where all done we resented the best ones to outside people for feedback. Eventually we voted and a Content delivery system for media archives and independent media was the winning idea. As we researched the idea went more streamlined and we decided to just focus as a sore for independent media and in the end only independent music. This task was a whole lot different from our competences since it involved no coding and minimal design, the group had to learn new competences and still keeping the goal focused.

My part: I vas the Project Manager and begun with a very democratic leadership, this proved way to time-consuming and my leadership became stronger and stronger for every week, I realized that people feel comfortable when they know what they are supposed to accomplish during the next few days and that changing the venue really get people thinking in new directions. In afterthought we should have had more internal deadlines to improve efficiency.

How it came out: The work was finished in time and we presented to the board. The board liked our idea and business model but thought our initial costs were too high.

Marble Inferno

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Project description: Create something new with an existing technology, we had Lego Mindstorms, block shaped device that uses sensors to trigger engines and can communicate with computers via Bluetooth.

How it was done: We built a marble track that combined analog and digital components. we used the marble, user input and digital input to trigger the engines.

My part: I was the chief engineer on this project and created several of the physical solutions, the hardest part was the elevator that took the marble from the bottom of the track to the top and a gate that kept the marble in place while the user played a flash game on a computer screen. I had to think creative with the equipment we were handed and learned a lot about building a model. I also realized that I had to appear a lot more designated and sure about my ideas when i had people working under me.

How it came out: The model worked perfectly until the light in the expo hall changed. A core element was the light sensor and it was too hard to re-configure.

Watch the Experience Technology expo on Youtube we where the first group.


Klineguiden/ The Makeout guide

Friday, February 15th, 2008

The project was to make a 60 second film with both recorded and digitally created material.

We chose to make an instructional film about something ordinary, mocking airplane security videos; a guide to teenagers about how to make out with their dates.

My part was writing the script, we discussed and came up with concept for a few scenes, and then I wrote a script. I have prior experience in this field and have written a shot play and a few comic book scripts in the past. I was also the director.

The dialogue turned out too detailed and a lot of it had to go in the end, it was much easier than I thought it would be to delete dialogue and just keep the core of the lines.

Watch Kineguiden on YouTube