And then school was over

I’m currently lining in Stockholm again. I’m also a Hyper Island Graduate. Yay me.

Lets start with the harsh reality of the financial crisis: I’m currently unemployed. This was something I hoped to avoid. My goal with attending Hyper was to become attractive for the digital industry and I hope that I am and only got out at a bad time.
I’ve been developing a few ideas for smaller projects but nothing is anywhere yet.
I’m writing two things, the first one is a comic book that I started to write several years back but never got anywhere with, after the FRA law, Ipred, the EU telecommunications package and Brittan announcing their Mastering the internet thingie it sort of became interesting again. It deals with internet censorship, youth and revolution.
The other project is also fictional and is based on the way people speak online. It’s a story about a person and his mmorpg alter ego.  It’s a lot of fun to write and I got a few things I want to explore with it but there is no set goal. Hopefully it will evolve to some 30 pages and be readable.

I miss Amsterdam and I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve kept too little in touch with the people I got to know there.

I hope to find a job doing conceptual work, web strategy or writing the good old copy soon.

Right now I’m looking in to how young people use the internet, and I must say that young people are dull. However they don’t seem to like twitter, text messages or facebook (they actually don’t seem to like web communities that much at all, but I can’t say for sure yet.)

Annyways: Vacation is over and it’s good to be back.

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