Newer Laser Ideas

Since updating my wordpress left my theme (a true example of what we Swedes call Fulkod) broken I’ve made the decision to rebuild my homepage to the page that existed behind the idea all the time.

A site that sums up my online presence.

It will have two major parts, the professional and the more relaxed personal part.

I intend to make a better interaction design, making it a all over better experience for the visitor. The major problems with the old design were that a lot of people didn’t get it and didn’t understand how it worked before I explained it to them. It was clear and logical in my head but ended up clumsy and behemoth-like; hard to navigate and hard for me to display my desired content in.

The lading page will show a brief portfolio excerpt, a partial post from the blog, maybe a twitterfeed, shared items from google reader and a flikr thingy.

The goal is to have a platform where I can put everything, whatever form it may take, from a recap of a zombie flick to a link to a recent project at work.

Also: there hasn’t been that many posts about the projects I’ve worked on at Tribal, since nothing has gone live yet and there is a lot of secrecy involved. Hopefully I’ll be able to ad some sometime this spring when things start to go live.

Feedback anyone?

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