A new film post

I’ve seen some flicks lately. Here comes the rundown:

Blindness: the first half is great and shot in a cool way, especialy before everyone goes blind. The second half lacks greatness but is still good.

Changeling: Somehing is missing from this film. And I cant figure out what. Good script, good actors, good job from Clint as director, cool wardrobe and scenerey. But still its a weak four or a strong three.

Burn After Reading: Nothing special. Ocationy funny. Cool.

Quatum Of Solace: I cant recall this film at all… The hotel in the dessert in the end is cool. Then they blow it up.

Låt Den Rätte Komma In: Good, but a bit simpler then I imagined

Resident Evil 3: This is my kind of  hangover movie. Not that great as a film per say (or is it per se refering to something different… Oh my english is lacking again) , but by far the best postapocalyptic film I’ve seen i a long time.

Saw 3: Crap. I wish I had a time machine so I could travel back in time and live before the Saw movies and Twisted Pictures existed.

Step Brothers: I was suprised to find myself liking this Will-Farell-say-random-words-film a lot. You should stop reading now and watch it

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