London, Laptops and Love

I went to london and got more then a T-shirt. I got a T-shirt from Superdry, some comics, a book of Hunter S Thompson letters, Bottle Rocket and the hopfully good cult-film Alterd States. I also got to hang out with my friends, east curry on Brick lane and sit next to Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal while eating brakefeast. It was great.
The day before I left I spilld some beer on my precious laptop. I performed computer CPR on it and it pulled trough. But the space key is broken. I’m gonna haxx it open and clean it with industrial alcohol toningt. It will be interesting and a bit outside my confert zone.
Lastly there is a alpha footage trailer out for LOVE, one of the coolest independet games ever to be made. If you dont know anything about LOVE, take a look at rock-paper-shotgun.

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