The other Swedish director

Roy Andersson is a great director, and if it wasn’t for his hard time to get new films done this bloggpost might be a homage to him, but lets face it if he’s making a new movie its at least five years away. Instead I’m going to write about the other good Swedish director: Thomas Alfredson.

Thomas is a flawless director, in my eyes. He has a unique style, hyper realistic with just a little nudge of surreal in it. I have seen almost all of the stuff he as done, Offer och Gärningsmän being the one exception. I don’t know how I managed to miss it. Kontorstid is the most underappreciated Swedish film in modern time, the Bert series, followed by the feature film is second only to Kenny Starfighter (that Alfredson was not in any way involved in) as family TV, Soldater I Månsken is still one of my all time favourite TV dramas, the Christmas series En Deceberdöm was brilliant and full of wonder and beauty and he’s done all direction for Killinggänget since 1999. Now the trailer for Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in) is out. The movie goes up this weekend in Sweden if I’m not mistaken and if its not in cinemas anymore when I get back to Sweden for Christmas I’ll be truly disappointed.

Watch a buch of trailes for the film here.

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