The hitman comic

A few years ago me and a student from the comicbook-education in Sweden sat down to make a eight issue comic book, It was meant to be a great portfolio work for both of us, still young and dreaming about being hot-shot comic people with our own monthly releases on Vertigo.

We decided to make a comic about a guy who used to work for as a hit man for the mob and paid his way trough collage with the blood money, several years later he’s happily married to an FBI agent when an old acquaintance gives him a call for a new hit. Not even thinking twice about it he takes the job. 

I wrote a story outline for the series, scripted the first 24-page issue while Björn,  the artist, started sketching on characters in both pencil and ink, eventually we met up and made a storyboard, figuring out where all the panels should be on every page and then summer came. He decided to quit drawing and started a career as a car painter, both regular and custom paintjobs (I think he’s an artist again now)and I went back to whatever I did at the time. 

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