Live from Telefonplan

I’m working from Hyperisland’s Stockholm location today. So far the project management spec is going well. We were at Ottoboni Group yesterday and spoke with them for a few hours. They were a working bunch; it feels like an agency you go to work at after playing for a few years at hipster-webaward agencies, when you feel like separating your work from your social life, not like they are stiff and boring but you don’t juggle apples and scream things in the reception while brainstorming. A place to work while you’re children is growing up. They where polite and professional and I’d like to go back again before we leave, mainly to see their project managers meet on Fridays and plan out the next week, structure is not something you can interview someone about and learn from, you got to see it in action.

So far so good. Still trying to find an agency to swing by late Friday afternoon for one of the institutional Fredagsöl.

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