Everything I know about Cool I learned from watching The Warriors!

The Warriors might be the coolest little flick ever made. At least it’s by far the coolest film I’ve seen to this date. Why, do you ask, is this a blogworthy topic?
Several reasons. Firstly, there are three of the credits that are LARGER than the rest, the regular writer and director but in this case also the ART director. And what art direction it is. From Gramancy Riffs, Baseball Furies to Warriors and of course the boring outfit known as Orphans style and personality is the key to gang colors. If gangs in real life looked like that I’d sing up as foot soldier for my local gang of boppers and heavy mother-dudes today. Looks, style, music, camera movement is so… cool. There is no other word for it. Look at the trailer!

Also, the villain is the same guy who plays Jerry Horne (Ben’s brother)in Twin Peaks!

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