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The King Kong Defence and the state of the media nation

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

So the Pirate bay trial is going on in Sweden and I have been listening to the SVT (Swedish Public Television) audio stream of the spectrial for the most of it. And besides my new opinion that the Pirate Bay kids are dicks I’ve came to the following conclusions:

1. The Prosecution must have been on holiday for the last two years, they are completely lost on all technical matters.
2. It’s a shame that PRQ didn’t get the non-pirate bay servers back since it took about one week to confirm witch machines hosted TPB. This effetely led a company into bankruptcy.
3. Peter Althin and Monique Wadsted are the only two lawyers who seem to know their jobs. And since they are on opposing sides we should have some good legal fighting to look forward to.
4. The pirate bay kids are dicks… oh wait I already said that.
5. There is a gap between generations that no side seem interested in passing over to ensure some proper communication.

I also thought that I should say something about the value of a copy.
I own more DVDs then most other people that I know; I also download a lot. In a traditional economic viewpoint a movie that I own is worth as much as a movie that I download. For me, on a personal level this is far from the truth.
The DVD’s have three kinds of value while the downloaded things only have one. When I download a film the production of the copy that this whole legal matter concerns is of no interest to me, I have no use of storing films on my external hard drive but I need to keep the information somewhere. I download to experience the film in question and then delete it, unless it’s a rare film, most often documentaries that wont be for sale or that will cost far more then I can afford to pay for them. The DVD’s on the other hand contains to about 90% films I have already seen when I purchase them.

I pay for the value of having the films in question on access just a few seconds away with a quality far superior to a downloaded copy. The physical manifestation of the film serves as an instant memory link (a Madeleine) to the experience of watching the film. I only need to take my copy of The Crow out of the book case to get the general feeling of the flick, exploring the back of the DVD I remember some of my favourite quotes and how much the clip where The Crow leaves the incendiary grenade in T-Birds car (We killed you dead, there ain’t no coming back…) used to scare me as a kid when I saw it on Filmkrönikan. When writing this I had to take a break to watch the scene on youtube. A Blade runner for the 90’s as the Swedish reviews said.
Annyways the third value is of course the value of ownership. The DVD’s are mine and they, like all products serve to give me a stronger feel of identity and social branding. Just like my (a bit to worn) Nike Air force one’s and my Crumpler computer bag.
The copy as information burned on a digital versatile disc is close to worthless. Lets say the disc enabled my DVD player to receive the movie magically trough a gateway in space/time I’d still like my DVD of the crow the same (or maybe more since it would use magic space/time technology). The main value is in the packaging.

Comparing this to a (purely theoretical) case of the film Cloverfield that I watched lately, from a digital copy that had taken up my valuable hard drive space for far to long. I watched it and removed it. Now I neither have nor desire any link to the film. It was a copy without value to me. I didn’t go to the theatre to see Cloverfield and a sure wont buy it, and if downloading would have been impossible I’d probably would have been watching the crappy action flick of the night on TV6 in its place. With a bit of luck there would have been ninjas in it.
In this (still fictional) example, just as in the previous one, the copy is of almost no value. In fact the magical space/time technology would be a lot more desirable since my hard drive would be able to store valuable information (maybe a completely legal rip of The Crow, so I wouldn’t have to bring my DVD library with me when I travel. Or move. My DVDs take up an entire Claes Ohlsson Moving Box).

I pay for my internet connection and a pay TV licensing for my television, nether of these costs goes to JJ Abrams in any way. One goes to my ISP and the other to the governmentally funded public television (the same one that streams the pirate bay spectial).

Then we have the way of watching TV shows. I watch about 3 shows a week, one of these airs on television in Sweden in the pace that I’m watching. However I watch none of these three shows on television. Supernatural is just far to slow and airs weird times (i.e. not when I’m having dinner) Dollhouse doesn’t air at all in Europe and finally På Spåret that I watch hung over in bed on Sundays trough SVT Play (STV’s online broadcast). If Supernatural and Dollhouse would be available at a high quality stream within Europe I would watch the stream, but they are not and I have to download them. It’s the only way for me to access the shows I want to watch.  Yes, I know Dollhouse is on HULU, but not for us Europeans, and it’s far easier to get the torrent then to stating up some kind of ip-blocking software.

And that’s what it comes down to. I utilise a service I pay for to break the law to watch television I wouldn’t have to pay for if I watched it in a traditional way that don’t suit my 00’s lifestyle at all. Simplicity turns a legal encouraged behaviour into a criminal behaviour. For us end consumers there is no change in experience. We see ourselves as paying; we can’t put our finger on the difference of recoding a show and watching it later from skipping the recording step and just watch it later.

What we lack is proper distribution of money (so the author of Cloverfield would benefit of me watching it), proper distribution of television (so I can watch supernatural in stead of Cops; the without a shadow of a doubt worst show on TV) and a reformation of Copyright to ensure that the normal behaviour of normal people (something done by 2 million Swedes at any given time is in this case considered normal) is legalised. We simply can’t fight more over these matters when we all should work for a brighter and better future.

I forgot the counter.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Yes. Its true. I just realised that I forgot to ad the google analytics thing in my code. I’ve had 0 visitors since I started with the wordpress update. It’s so sad.
In other news I’m waiting for the first episode of Dollhouse. Some people who are on the show have said that it doesn’t get in shape for the first few episodes but that the end of the season is the most amazing TV they ever worked on.

Tru Blood

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Since S1 of True Blood is done I thought it was time to give it a go. After about 17 minutes of the first episode I just burst out laughing. I couldn’t take it serious anymore, and I don’t think I’ll be able to. As other people have pointed out the best part is the theme sequence by Digital Kitchen.

All good things are three

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Firstly my group presented our business idea to the bank yesterday and we ALMOST got a yes from them. Our project was a independent music/games/movie store and they thought we should get one of the artists who are cutting themselves free from the major labels (like Radiohead just did) with us before we could have our three million sek, it was in my opinion the best possible outcome. I’m proud like the father of a newborn child. Also the modules now over and that’s also nice.

Secondly Farfar has done another really cool website, its at check it out now! Probably everyone in Stockholm already know about it but it’s great to see that someone has not axed their cleverness division yet (yes I’ we been watching too much zeropunctuation lately).

Thirdly Nip/tuck is back again and better, so is Julia. Joely Richardson who plays Julia moved back to England to take care of her sick daughter in the middle of last season and was written out of the series, but with possibility to return and now she has. If you’re not really sure what I’m talking about get the god dam DVD boxes today! Nip/tuck is probably the most qualitative show yet, While it’s not my favorite show of all time it still has best acting, script and is just provocative enough. They have changed the look of the operations from last season, usually it’s a mix of grace and gore but this time around the grace parts are not to be found for some reason.

Paint the exebition red!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

My Vaio have returend from its trip to France.

I thought we would get the whole thing were building for EX-TECH done by today but a million of things got between me and actual work being done. Things like lectures and presentations. In the end we actually had time to put the large pieces of wood together and the so to say frame for Marble Inferno was real. And red. Really red. And now there is lots and lots of stuff left to do before Thursday when I will make my fist trip back to Stockholm since I left.
Today I also found out that the Stockholm hyper kids have planned some sort of presentation that will be rolling for the main part of the evening where people are meant to stand and represent their class. We are meant to bring a 15″ macbook pro to make it look “professional” it will display what we have done so far in the classes.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
I don’t even know where to start on this one… It’s just too much.. Firstly I’m there to get drunk for as little cash as possible with the Stockholm ad-biz. Secondly how does a 15″ macbook pro look more professional than a 17″ or a regular macbook or any other laptop for that matter? Thirdly how does my future career get a boost from showing 15 second long motions by people who can’t actually use after effects properly but have done so anyway? Fourthly why didn’t we get our hands on this info ages ago, like the 26: th when it apparently went out to the co-workers?

On a happy note: The new season of Weeds is so much better than the two earlier ones. The plotlines and the dialogues are sharp. Have they changed the main writer of the show or did Showtime finally cut the old one loose to do what she actually wanted to do from day one? Keep it up Jenji Kohan!