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Just a quick one

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I’m in Amsterdam again, for a longer period this time. Internship for six months at Tribal DDB… I slept badly tonight thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong before the start of my intership and so far there are a few concerns.

1. It’s not realy said what I’m ment to do while I’m here, my goal is to gain expeience and craftmanship skills whithin the proffession and finaly beinga able to leave as a confident and competent Copywriter… So far as I know they might want me here to have a coffe slave. But since Sean Chambers that has had some contact with our school and who worked with us doing the Epitaph project is now working here there is at least somone else here that knows what the school is actually about and hopfully could push things in the right direction if needed. Lets hope it dosn’t come to that I’d rather be self dependet as much as possible.

2. I’m homless. This is quite a big one, I don’t got a solution for it yet but I’m browsing housing and apartmentsharing sites on a daily basis. I went to look at a place far out in the no name suburbs on Saturday and hopfully I’ll be able to stay there for a while. I’m currently resting at Malin and Tobias (or pherhaps Tobias and Malin, since Malin has ben kind of not home so much) on a fairly comforable mattress above a staircase but after a weekend I feel their patience growing thinner and thinner…

3. There was a mail for me (snailmail, isn’t this a digital agency?) with a lot of stuff to fill in and a contract and so on that arived a few days after I left for Amsterdam.  Since I dont got an adress in this contry yet there is not a easy way to get the papers here. This should be the easiest one to solve, the HR department here should just be able to print new papers for me.


Aso there was no spellcheck for this one. Appoages for that.