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High: Expec-Tech-tions

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

After the terrible discovery that there was an unexpected extra day of the weekend I started to crawl up the walls of Duckburg. Quite literally, just ask anyone in the collective. Tuesday was a bliss, finally something to do! Te lecture was good and the first assignment was fun. I’m relay positive about my group that will work trough this uncharted wasteland of opportunity and dreams during the weeks to come.
The Lecturer we had today, Björn Renner, cold best be described in the original meaning of the Swedish word “flunmmig”. This will require some background, especially for the international readers. Flummig is a word that now-a-days basically is a combination of weird and wasted but in the 70’s it meant something quite different; shocking and trying to shake your believes foundation but in a safe and secure way. There is to my knowledge no word in ether Swedish or English with that meaning so I, from time to time, actually say “Flummig, in the words original meaning.” in conversation where I see it fit.

Tomorrow my dear Sony Vaio will go on a holiday to France, because PC’s suck and Mac’s rule. It will return in 5-10 workdays. See you all then.