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Finaly, a place to stay.

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Yesterday night I got my own room in the outskirts of the inner city (i.e. inside the A10 highway). I’m staying with this art student Regis who might or might not have won a paint-like-Rembrandt competition in 2006. I tried to google him and that was what I found. Anyways, I rent a small room in a small apartment on a small street, that got just a little problem with those drug dealers, noting to worry about, Regis assured me, but when I got up this morning to go to work he had locked all three locks on our front door and bolted the security chain. However, just living in your own room is a great improvement from sqating some people-you’d-like-to-befriend-but-don’t-know-quite-yet’s house.