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Live from Telefonplan

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

I’m working from Hyperisland’s Stockholm location today. So far the project management spec is going well. We were at Ottoboni Group yesterday and spoke with them for a few hours. They were a working bunch; it feels like an agency you go to work at after playing for a few years at hipster-webaward agencies, when you feel like separating your work from your social life, not like they are stiff and boring but you don’t juggle apples and scream things in the reception while brainstorming. A place to work while you’re children is growing up. They where polite and professional and I’d like to go back again before we leave, mainly to see their project managers meet on Fridays and plan out the next week, structure is not something you can interview someone about and learn from, you got to see it in action.

So far so good. Still trying to find an agency to swing by late Friday afternoon for one of the institutional Fredagsöl.

One step back, to see clearer.

Monday, November 12th, 2007

The first music video I saw on MTV was Pula Abdul – Opposites Attract. I didn’t leave the house today, its 3 am and I still haven’t done the work I meant to be done with about five hours ago. Instead I spent my weekend in Azeroth. Going back and revisit the place, nostalgically walking trough zones and quest-lines and thinking of the people I met there, the journeys we made and mobs we downed, I also fully recall when I stopped playing that game and why.
Currently living in a city with about four places to go out to, all being in a sliding scale between bad and horrible makes me want to stay home a lot more then I used to. I haven’t really left the house since I came back from Hyper on Friday night.
I didn’t only look back to a few yearlong online gaming trip and the visits to Broncos that came with it, I tried to look back on the entire time since I left the university and made the promise to myself to never more study for the sake of studies. Having the bad odd-jobs and various forms of internships and welfare-activities made creativity something special. Being a Hyper Island student and after that venture out in the digital media industry I’ll always have to be creative. Every single day. I haven’t crated anything for myself since I got here, save this blog and the half-assed Photoshop images that I sometimes post in it.
This is beginning to sound like one of those winey late at night posts that brings regret to me the day after i write them but my conclusion will probably make up for it.

Hold your breath…

Here we go:
All the nostalgia aside, I think looking back is a great way to see not only where you are now but also to se why you are there. I went to Hyper because I really and genuinely wanted to. I like the education, so far and feel that my talents have developed quite a bit since I got there. Not the talents that I thought would grow; I must admit but so far I’m feeling confident that it was the best possible move i have made in quite some time.
Also revisiting WoW is in many ways like spending the day with an old friend you don’t longer hang out with or maybe like letting your ex-girlfriend and her buds stay in your house when they end up in your town and need a place to crash. It’s nice, but that’s because you’re on familiar ground and you know it won’t be as last time, when you drifted apart or broke up or the game just wasn’t fun anymore because its already happened.
Evolving is doing things you’re not sure of and going where you haven’t been before. And that’s the biggest lesson yet for me from hyper.
Maybe I won’t feel like writing a novel or a 12-issue comic book about a hitman again for a few years, instead I intend to be well paid.

Sleep tight, I know I will.

Greetings from häktet

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Our CEO said something random about the simmilariies of Häktet (our main facility here in Karlskrona, an old prisson bulding) and Alcatraz…