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What’s going on, Mr Intern?

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

So there have been a few weeks of hard work, and more of them are to come. I’ve grown the nasty habit of not being able to focus on work while I’m at my desk, blasted internet! But I’ve tried to make up for this by working elsewhere. Like today. A perfectly normal Saturday and I brought my sketchpad, a few markers, last two issues of Wired and Hey, Whipple, Squeeze this! to the pipe (or as it known in Dutch, de pijp) and spent a bunch of hrs slurping on a gigantic Latte or two (since I went to Coffee Company I got real late instead of the coffee verked or however it’s spelled that the locals call their latte/ou-lait bastard child) and trying my best to be the creative I still strive to be. Results on Monday when my CD will go trough last week’s work and kill ideas like alcohol kill brain cells.In other news: I still live in the cold apartment on Ben Viljonerlaan that i share with Regis. I’m now effectively forbidden for frying meat, got a warmer bedcover and plan to move out asap. I got kind of a good life in the weekends but need to find something to do to make me go outside the house on weeknights.
My regular night looks like this:
Stay longer at work, to compensate for arriving late/ being lazy during the day / not wanting to go home to the cold apartment.
Bike to AH, buy dinner, fruit and green tea and lemon ice tea,
go home,
cook food,
eat while watching TV,
clean up after dinner.
Now its 21:00 and I
A) log on to Warhammer Online to do some RvR
B)watch some more TV. Bed by 00:00 (but it often get postponed to 01:30).
Five Nights A Week!

I’m going to London in a bit for a weekend, more about that later.

Finaly, a place to stay.

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Yesterday night I got my own room in the outskirts of the inner city (i.e. inside the A10 highway). I’m staying with this art student Regis who might or might not have won a paint-like-Rembrandt competition in 2006. I tried to google him and that was what I found. Anyways, I rent a small room in a small apartment on a small street, that got just a little problem with those drug dealers, noting to worry about, Regis assured me, but when I got up this morning to go to work he had locked all three locks on our front door and bolted the security chain. However, just living in your own room is a great improvement from sqating some people-you’d-like-to-befriend-but-don’t-know-quite-yet’s house.