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Friday night firefight

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The time has just flown by on Deasign. We got to attend a lot of internal meetings including (but not limited to) a top-secret preparation for a pitch. We also spoke to a graphic designer and had lunch with my old friend Anders at a Japanese place named Nagano that I have passed by at least once a week before I left Stockholm but never eaten at.
In the ever ongoing facebook to be or not to be discussion a few conclusions where reached yesterday. Elias had removed his account and felt free like a bird. I met up with Isak, an old friend from my childhood that I haven’t met for a bunch of years, and if that’s what i get for giving my reading habits and the right to publish pictures of me when drunk then it’s a price I can afford.
Simon helped me out with my portfolio; New Laser Idea, yesterday and now you can almost visit it. I still have a few hours work to do on the layout and some more time to spend on the content but we’re clearly moving forward.

And OH: don’t miss, to be released shortly!