Music, Branding, Magic(k)

April 21st, 2008

So for the last week or whenever we been researching music, online stuff and our target groups attitude towards the same and this is what I’ve gathered so far:


Internet is more important factor then friends for finding new music.


More people claim to buy CD’s than to download music (but the difference is so small it can be disregarded)


Millencollin sounds a tiny bit more punkish in concert then they do on record.


And that’s it.

I’ve been reading a lot of advertisement books lately (“the branding gap” and “hey whipple, squeeze this!” are two I can recommend) and the theories about brand value, good communication and cause/effect are similar to the theories about magic(k) that the  authors I read fiction of (not Bret Easton Ellis included since he is a odd person in completely different ways) all seem to believe in (Grant Morrison, RAW and so on). The Idea that man and words shape reality, and that men who control words (and other arts) shape realty. The authors seem to think that we, the ad people, aren’t aware of this power. Id’ rather say that we are fully aware.

Men in this context refer to the human race, not gender.

Quit harassing me already!


April 17th, 2008

Day three in Amsterdam is almost over, me and Tove are home, quietly interneting the night away while the Johanna’s stayed out until later exploring Dutch nighttime even more then we did before 02:30…

The town is great and Kong are a nice bunch. Epitaph was also nice ppl.  We have met up with a few of IAD08 and apparently left their regular after work bar without paying. On the other hand we bought bicycles for all our money, so some free drinks are only fair, considering all that karma.

Tomorrow we’re going for more free stuff; hopefully since whatever that big ad-school is named (ANT?) opens their Amsterdamish facility. Considering my fortune-chocolate everything should go well.

And: Kids, remember to never blog intoxicated.

Grönsaker Direkt

April 13th, 2008

Grönsaker Dirket aproched us and wanted a new graphic profile, they deliver vegetables and other foodstuffs door to door and grow almoast everything themselves. We creatd a new logotype, bags for vetables, potatoes, carrots, a newsletter and did a compleate redesign of their hompage.

As a project manager my big challenges in this run-of-the-mill kind of project was keeping the team inspired and interested in their tasks.


April 13th, 2008

The Project Lifecycle ended in flames, terror and all the other things that show how close to disaster you’ve been walking.

If you only look to results, however it was a success. The Grönsaker Dirket farmers loved our stuff and so on while Ottoboni and Vin & Sprit was curious and wanted to know more, but not all out declaring us heroes of the biz.

But back to the bad stuff:

I don’t think I’ve been so out of control about anything else before in my life and so clueless about how to solve it.

I seriously hope that all of the internal chaos and discomfort is not my fault cause then I don’t know how to handle the Industry Project module in a month.

Until then I’m off to Amsterdam to do some kind of work with Epitaph, the record company that once upon a time had cool bands like Agnostic Front and New Bomb Turks but now are left with Millencollin and that whole thing. It will be great!

The Zoology of Hyper Island

April 1st, 2008

Since we have had some unwanted guests from the insect kingdom here at Hyper Island, I decided to write something about the insects, their take on the school, learning golas and so on. Yvonne Lu helped me out and made some illustrations. This great pice of literature can be foud at our internal blog My Daily Bread.

The Project Lifecycle

March 30th, 2008

So, Friday was a deadline in our current module, the project lifecycle, where I act as Project Manager for two of the groups. The difference on our projects makes it hard to sum up what the module was about. One of my groups made a complete redesign of a local business, the other have been creating what is meant to be a strategy for Vin & Sprits digital magazine.

Let’s see how it works out on the client presentations. 

T-P-L-C, is that what you are to me?

March 11th, 2008

Since I’m having this blog on both this url and Jochmetropolitan updating takes me about two minutes longer than it used to, that is bothersome. In the future I’ll try to shut down the other and only update the newlaseridea blog. However since almost no one reads neither right now I don’t expect a riot at my house for doing so.

We have just started up the new module The Project Lifecycle and I’m Project Manager for two of the groups, we have real authentic live clients paying us nothing but IF they like what we do they pay the school a small symbolic fee. So, that’s realism down the drain if you ask me.

On the other hand not to be so grumpy (I had enough of that during the Creatives Unlimited development)the contact with real clients with real client feedback is probably a great experience, more on that after lunch when one of my groups actually meet the client for the first time. It’s a redesign of a website that we try to turn into a whole graphic profile. Lets see how that plays out…


March 9th, 2008

Sometimes when I have too much spare time I keep developing a small project named rebels or rebellion, I have small notes lying around everywhere, some short stories in a notebook, and a movie script on my computer. It’s a dystopian tale set in modern times in an unnamed European country where culture is strictly controlled by the government. Illegal clubs and file sharing networks try to distribute art, film and music to the people. The story follows Katie, a short quite ugly girl with a shotgun on her back and Rose, a tall man who distributes contraband top-40 songs as they accidently get involved on the first night of open resistance against the government and the civil unrest that follow.

The project is not developing fast and the final form is not set, maybe it could be turned in to one of these episodic buy online computer games that are so popular right now… 

Creatives Unlimited

February 27th, 2008

Our class released the traditional yearly Hyper Island class-site yesterday.

It was a HUGE project with 50-something peope working on it.

As Chief Copywriter I was in charge of text and all that stuff. I aslo sat in on some meetings the concept people had.


This Is Not A Blog

February 27th, 2008

I ran a Blog named This Is Not A Blog during the spring and summer of 2007. There concept was strange, every post was an excerpt of a book, film, play or any other form of pop culture, twisted to fit what I wanted to say in the post. It also told the tale of Johan working as a carpenter over the summer and his strange relationship with Sally, the girl int the apartment below. If a reader guessed the source correctly they would receive a small price or something similar.

When I got into Hyper Island it died an undeserving death.

That’s life.

A Link to the blog – only in Swedish, sorry.