The other Swedish director

October 22nd, 2008

Roy Andersson is a great director, and if it wasn’t for his hard time to get new films done this bloggpost might be a homage to him, but lets face it if he’s making a new movie its at least five years away. Instead I’m going to write about the other good Swedish director: Thomas Alfredson.

Thomas is a flawless director, in my eyes. He has a unique style, hyper realistic with just a little nudge of surreal in it. I have seen almost all of the stuff he as done, Offer och Gärningsmän being the one exception. I don’t know how I managed to miss it. Kontorstid is the most underappreciated Swedish film in modern time, the Bert series, followed by the feature film is second only to Kenny Starfighter (that Alfredson was not in any way involved in) as family TV, Soldater I Månsken is still one of my all time favourite TV dramas, the Christmas series En Deceberdöm was brilliant and full of wonder and beauty and he’s done all direction for Killinggänget since 1999. Now the trailer for Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in) is out. The movie goes up this weekend in Sweden if I’m not mistaken and if its not in cinemas anymore when I get back to Sweden for Christmas I’ll be truly disappointed.

Watch a buch of trailes for the film here.

Another day, another euro

October 20th, 2008

My alarm clock has gone bananas. Today is the second time in a raw it has failed to wake me up in time. I awoke, well slept and happy to be up before the clock for once at 09:57. That’s about two hrs too late. It happened on Friday as well. I tested it a few times during the weekend, it rung every single time. This gives me three options.
1. The alarm clock is broken, ant it was just random that it did work these last times. This has happened before with my cell phone clock that rings about every third time I set it.
2. I have turned it off without realising it. This has sort of happened before, but those times I have sort of had a hunch of a fraction of a memory that I did turn it of. Still, this might be the cause.
3. My house is haunted. This has not happened to me before, but it has happened to a lot of other people and shown itself in various ways. I’m quite certain that there is no such things as ghosts, and that It’s al electrical fields playing tricks on our minds and electrical gadgets, still haunting is the appropriate word for it.

So, in order to be on time from now on I will do like this: I will move the alarm clock so I can not reach it from bed, I will also accompany it with another alarm clock to keep it happy (for the first few days my untrustworthy phone will do that job), and thirdly I will exorcise each and every ghost on the premises.

I look forward to the last part. I never had to perform an exorcism before, but how hard can it be?  My friend Johnny’s late mother exorcised a ghost or spirit from their apartment a bunch of years ago. She threw salt (rock salt I guess) at the walls, had some kind of incantation going and some other stuff. It didn’t work so she got angry and started shouting loudly and told the haunting where to stick it. And it left, or at least the strange phenomena stopped.
So I’m going right for the losing my temper and shouting. This should work.

What’s going on, Mr Intern?

October 11th, 2008

So there have been a few weeks of hard work, and more of them are to come. I’ve grown the nasty habit of not being able to focus on work while I’m at my desk, blasted internet! But I’ve tried to make up for this by working elsewhere. Like today. A perfectly normal Saturday and I brought my sketchpad, a few markers, last two issues of Wired and Hey, Whipple, Squeeze this! to the pipe (or as it known in Dutch, de pijp) and spent a bunch of hrs slurping on a gigantic Latte or two (since I went to Coffee Company I got real late instead of the coffee verked or however it’s spelled that the locals call their latte/ou-lait bastard child) and trying my best to be the creative I still strive to be. Results on Monday when my CD will go trough last week’s work and kill ideas like alcohol kill brain cells.In other news: I still live in the cold apartment on Ben Viljonerlaan that i share with Regis. I’m now effectively forbidden for frying meat, got a warmer bedcover and plan to move out asap. I got kind of a good life in the weekends but need to find something to do to make me go outside the house on weeknights.
My regular night looks like this:
Stay longer at work, to compensate for arriving late/ being lazy during the day / not wanting to go home to the cold apartment.
Bike to AH, buy dinner, fruit and green tea and lemon ice tea,
go home,
cook food,
eat while watching TV,
clean up after dinner.
Now its 21:00 and I
A) log on to Warhammer Online to do some RvR
B)watch some more TV. Bed by 00:00 (but it often get postponed to 01:30).
Five Nights A Week!

I’m going to London in a bit for a weekend, more about that later.

Small brits now in the us.

October 3rd, 2008

I have never found Little Britan funny. I like the idea that Lou Reed cares for a disabled Andy Warhol, I also like the idea of a fat lady giving diet classes and insulting her students.

None of these ideas are brilliant, but they can rise a smile, however having the charaters return in episode after episode doign the exactly same kind of jokes about exactly the same kind of things…

Also I don’t find the execution funny.

How can this be a hit when it comes from a country that gave us the pythons, black adder, the young ones, black books, the IT crowd and so on.

And now they are maing an american version.

Staus update

September 26th, 2008

I now live and intern propperly in Amsterdam. The guy that I’m sharing the apartment with hasn’t turn on the central heating, so it get cold at night and he has a phobia for frying things. He actualy leave the kichen if I take out the frying pan.

I’ve got the bike and now I’m biking 1,3-2 metric miles a day making my legs stiff and hopefully reducing my waist.

Work has kicked of this last week and I’m now actually doing stuff all the time. The projects are a bit hush-hush like thy always are in this biz.

Tings left to take care of:
Getting a bank account (harder then you might think, but I’ll pull it of tomorrow)
Getting people to come over and visit me. The problem with this one is that Regis, my housemate, has forbidden me to have people staying at the house.
Going to London to visit Anna and Sophia and maybe my cousin who all are living there.
Befriending some more people, right now I spend at least five nights a week in front of my computer watching TV.
Making Tribal pay for a gym membership.
Winning a few awards.

Doesn’t look to hard, does it?

Watch This.

September 5th, 2008

This isn’t something I do often, this presentation feels importent.

Finaly, a place to stay.

September 5th, 2008

Yesterday night I got my own room in the outskirts of the inner city (i.e. inside the A10 highway). I’m staying with this art student Regis who might or might not have won a paint-like-Rembrandt competition in 2006. I tried to google him and that was what I found. Anyways, I rent a small room in a small apartment on a small street, that got just a little problem with those drug dealers, noting to worry about, Regis assured me, but when I got up this morning to go to work he had locked all three locks on our front door and bolted the security chain. However, just living in your own room is a great improvement from sqating some people-you’d-like-to-befriend-but-don’t-know-quite-yet’s house.

The good, the bad and the enertaining

September 3rd, 2008

I’ve decided to make a post just about the movies, everytime I watch a new film that I’ve haven’t seen before it will go in te SUCKY or the NOT SUCKY categories below.

Expecet frewquent updates of theis post.

The remake of Death Race
Eagle Eye

Hellboy II
The Dark Knigt
Dexter s3e1 preair
Californication s2e1&e2 preair
Midningt Meat Train

I Don’t know what to think
Speed Racer – I just remeber pretty colors for an hour and a half….
Bankok Dangerous 2008
Tropic Thunder – Not another Zoolander, however Tom Cruise is funny.

The crapyness of film

August 28th, 2008

I just saw Hancock and man was it crap.

A few days ago I saw Hellboy II and it was in many ways not a good film but a whole lot of fun and more importently a whole lot of Hellboy (it was also quite a bit Pan’s Labyrinth).

Also: Weeds season four is quite good.

Second week at Tribal

August 19th, 2008

I’ve gone into research mode. Everything here is a lerning experience and I’ve decided to spend the few hours of time thats not consumed by the never-endig apartment hunt and the mental retardation that comes with the terratory to look further in to all kind of interesting tidbits of stuff.

It started by adding a few more blogs to my google reader but soon snowballed (like the effect, not the ) into new TED talks, milesworth of wikipediaing, getting into the new telecomunications law in the Europe Parlament… Evetually I got a link to and forgot about it all for a while.

I still don’t have spellcheck on my work mac so.. appolagees for that.