Doctor, Doctors?

Since my visit to Doctor Cambridge last week I’m eating antibiotics, this has made me unable to drink during this weekend and instead I’ve spent my time trying to understand what the thing with Doctor Who is.

Last February when I visited London and went to Forbidden Planet for comics I realized there was a phenomenon around the show, they had more Doctor Who merchandise everywhere, and since the show has never aired in Sweden (it might had been on ZTV before I had it, i missed out on a lot of stuff by not getting ZTV before it was “over”, like Knesset. I never saw Knesset) all these elderly men fighting saltshakers puzzled me.

So far I’ve seen a few episodes of the 2005 season and its noting special, it doesn’t have a series lingo like a lot of other long running sci-fi/action  series does. And the episode where they find the last surviving saltshaker and fight it was quite good, or at least the saltshaker was: it had a laser, a toilet plunger, jet engines (to climb stairs) and screamed EXTERMINATE! in a 80’synth voice while it killed buckloads of people.

I think everyone who works with or knows British people should watch that episode. I think it gives some sort of insight in the cultural mythos of just as great importance as Bamse is for us Swedes.

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