Another day, another euro

My alarm clock has gone bananas. Today is the second time in a raw it has failed to wake me up in time. I awoke, well slept and happy to be up before the clock for once at 09:57. That’s about two hrs too late. It happened on Friday as well. I tested it a few times during the weekend, it rung every single time. This gives me three options.
1. The alarm clock is broken, ant it was just random that it did work these last times. This has happened before with my cell phone clock that rings about every third time I set it.
2. I have turned it off without realising it. This has sort of happened before, but those times I have sort of had a hunch of a fraction of a memory that I did turn it of. Still, this might be the cause.
3. My house is haunted. This has not happened to me before, but it has happened to a lot of other people and shown itself in various ways. I’m quite certain that there is no such things as ghosts, and that It’s al electrical fields playing tricks on our minds and electrical gadgets, still haunting is the appropriate word for it.

So, in order to be on time from now on I will do like this: I will move the alarm clock so I can not reach it from bed, I will also accompany it with another alarm clock to keep it happy (for the first few days my untrustworthy phone will do that job), and thirdly I will exorcise each and every ghost on the premises.

I look forward to the last part. I never had to perform an exorcism before, but how hard can it be?  My friend Johnny’s late mother exorcised a ghost or spirit from their apartment a bunch of years ago. She threw salt (rock salt I guess) at the walls, had some kind of incantation going and some other stuff. It didn’t work so she got angry and started shouting loudly and told the haunting where to stick it. And it left, or at least the strange phenomena stopped.
So I’m going right for the losing my temper and shouting. This should work.

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