Staus update

I now live and intern propperly in Amsterdam. The guy that I’m sharing the apartment with hasn’t turn on the central heating, so it get cold at night and he has a phobia for frying things. He actualy leave the kichen if I take out the frying pan.

I’ve got the bike and now I’m biking 1,3-2 metric miles a day making my legs stiff and hopefully reducing my waist.

Work has kicked of this last week and I’m now actually doing stuff all the time. The projects are a bit hush-hush like thy always are in this biz.

Tings left to take care of:
Getting a bank account (harder then you might think, but I’ll pull it of tomorrow)
Getting people to come over and visit me. The problem with this one is that Regis, my housemate, has forbidden me to have people staying at the house.
Going to London to visit Anna and Sophia and maybe my cousin who all are living there.
Befriending some more people, right now I spend at least five nights a week in front of my computer watching TV.
Making Tribal pay for a gym membership.
Winning a few awards.

Doesn’t look to hard, does it?

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