Back from things and stuff

Amsterdam is over and I’m back in Duckburg once again. It took me about 20 minutes to get restless and wanting to head over to Häktet for some regular Hyper Islanding.


It was great to be away.

I remembered what life actually used to be like before… Before what? before 2006 I’d say… before I started my the worst few of my really worthless jobs. I’m never gonna have a worthless job again. That is probably the key thing for me going to Hyper at all.


Epitaph said that they want to do something with the strategy we gave them, and that feels so good. Firstly as a confirmation that we did do the right thing, put our focus the right way and actually pulled off all that work in a swedish-summer-weathery town full of bars, clubs, drugs and hookers. Secondly because I actually didn’t think that they would dare to do anything with it.


So now all that’s left is to find an agency internship, in Stockholm or Amsterdam, and just keep the good spirit up for little more than a month and then I’m off for a real job in a real world (well, it’ll start as a real internship but… you know..).

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