Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives

In our task to shake the foundations of the music industry my research let me to illegally download a record by a band named as stated above. Honest Bob are somewhat famed by having songs son Guitar Hero I & II, but nothing gave away how they actually sound and behave in album form.
First of all, I have a hidden side that loves silly-but-witty lyrics from artist like Tom Lehrer, Doktor Kosmos and of course Bellman. Honest Bob delivers all this with lyrics about the time cube, Chomsky’s language theories and occasional references to aliens and Swedish artists.
The sound is a easy listen kind of lounge rock, speaking to my fascination of artist like Mike Flowers and Hugo Montenegro (not that I listen to them, but none the less they fascinate me).
But still they might be crap, it’s too early to say.
Did i mention they made a heal like a hole cover?

In other news Skynet is coming. Read all about it on Wierd.

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