Music, Branding, Magic(k)

So for the last week or whenever we been researching music, online stuff and our target groups attitude towards the same and this is what I’ve gathered so far:


Internet is more important factor then friends for finding new music.


More people claim to buy CD’s than to download music (but the difference is so small it can be disregarded)


Millencollin sounds a tiny bit more punkish in concert then they do on record.


And that’s it.

I’ve been reading a lot of advertisement books lately (“the branding gap” and “hey whipple, squeeze this!” are two I can recommend) and the theories about brand value, good communication and cause/effect are similar to the theories about magic(k) that the  authors I read fiction of (not Bret Easton Ellis included since he is a odd person in completely different ways) all seem to believe in (Grant Morrison, RAW and so on). The Idea that man and words shape reality, and that men who control words (and other arts) shape realty. The authors seem to think that we, the ad people, aren’t aware of this power. Id’ rather say that we are fully aware.

Men in this context refer to the human race, not gender.

Quit harassing me already!

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