T-P-L-C, is that what you are to me?

Since I’m having this blog on both this url and Jochmetropolitan updating takes me about two minutes longer than it used to, that is bothersome. In the future I’ll try to shut down the other and only update the newlaseridea blog. However since almost no one reads neither right now I don’t expect a riot at my house for doing so.

We have just started up the new module The Project Lifecycle and I’m Project Manager for two of the groups, we have real authentic live clients paying us nothing but IF they like what we do they pay the school a small symbolic fee. So, that’s realism down the drain if you ask me.

On the other hand not to be so grumpy (I had enough of that during the Creatives Unlimited development)the contact with real clients with real client feedback is probably a great experience, more on that after lunch when one of my groups actually meet the client for the first time. It’s a redesign of a website that we try to turn into a whole graphic profile. Lets see how that plays out…

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