Saturday at Häktet

Yet another Saturday at Häktet, this perfect weekend night I’m actually not working with our class site,, I’m sorting out my portfolio. I’ve finally registered a domain for it and now the wordpress is bugging me.

I’m actually considering redoing it all in html, but I’m so out of the loop on coding. I used to have a neat little app that did all tricky things called PageSpinner, and still my websites came out like crap. It was the days before css and all the other miracles that make browsing delightful. I was so much more of a pioneer those days, finding people who shared your opinions and taste in literature, music etc. was so new and exiting, you joined a group on a crappy coded and bad designed community and BAM! five new friends, and that was back when all still used dial-up modems… My posse those days talked about tattooing our ICQ uin:s on us since they where such a large part of our identity, changing the email you use for msn today isn’t even hard. I don’t talk to anyone online on an daily basis anymore, If some random person would contact me because we both claim Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a great band I’d think he’s retarded. My facebook is only about bragging rights, a way to display pictures from great times, namedropping that series no-one else has picked up yet and spying on people’s lives, trough this weird filter.
Is this road really worth traveling down?

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