New semester

So, the portfolio is still somewhere in development hell… All the text is done and i have made some wordpress experiments. However I don’t feel like its moving forward and that is not so good.

Christmas and New Year and all that was a blast but now the cold, harsh, Karlskronian reality have me in a tight grip.

I and Filip Redelius spent an evening working on a short motion sequence; the idea was that the project should take no longer then three hours from start to finish. It became a DVD-menu for the movie White Zombie (since it was public domain and we wanted to include footage from the film itself). The result can be found at this link

There is just so much to do, it never seem to end. Me and Carl are the copy’s for our class-site and have spent sever hours trying to develop a nice but firm tone of voice for all the stuff we need to write.

In other news, AdLibris billed me for a book they haven’t sent me, and that is a bit bothersome.

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