Portfolio, they say

So, I’m spending the last few days of this semester (and most of the Christmas vacation, I suspect) working on a portfolio. It’s a bit more challenging then I thought it would be at first, a lot of the other people in class also seem to think this. Perhaps it’s a bit too early for this module. I don’t feel that I want to brag about stuff that i did in the first few modules and I can’t pun anything from the class site in yet since were still making it.

So right now it’s hard. However I didn’t sigh up for an easy education and I’m quite sure it will work out in the end but right now my bath is quite dark and unclear.

In other news i watched a speech that Isak posted on My daily Bread. It deals with copyright, user generated content and states the fact that a lot of us are living outside the law right now and have come to consider this normal. As a self claimed expert on pop culture and a very unofficial spokesperson of the youth today may comment is (and yes, you may quote me but only if you use the whole quote, or of course remix it with something else to a new content): “We live this way because it’s the only way we know of. Not remixing and redistributing as we see fit makes us feel like prisoners or the un-free population under a dictatorship. We do not consider ourselves as criminals, we consider ourselves as free. We claim that the law is not only outdated, it’s downright wrong. Taking what is and redesigning it to fit our purposes says more to our audience then original, brand new content would. Take for instance segments where G.W.B. and Blair lip-synchs to various songs (the gaybar version is my favorite). They are political comments containing a message that is easy to understand and take part of and expressing the same themes in another way would be al lot harder to get across in traditional writing not to mention the much smaller target audience, none of us consider this a violation of Electric Six song nor the footage used. Outlawing it is like outlawing literacy.”
Reality is what we make it be, why not rewrite the broken parts.

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