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So our wonderful marble track did only work for a few hours before it went bonkers again… it meant that we spent most of the day explaining to people how it was supposed to work and was unable to show them, which was kind of a drag. But tomorrow there is a new module and a new battle to win. Concept and Development, I’m looking forward to it. It sounds closer to what I really want to do then anything we have done before. I like concepting and could really have use of some development-skills.

On my trip to Stockholm the other week i found a whole lot of new and nice T-shirts… that i didn’t buy for some strange reason. The si-fi bokhandeln has a quite nice line of cthulhiana, my favorites read “Insmouth high school swimming team” and “Miscantonic University Astronomical Society: the stars are bright”. It makes me want to take up screen-printing T-shirts again.

On a happy note: My friend Palle texted me today and said that he was in town, I was somewhat shocked that someone would just be in Karlskrona for no obvious reason but then I remembered that his grandparents live in Ronneby.

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