Another day, another deadline

Today we had another deadline, the written stuff for information Society. People had a lot of different ideas about how to interpret the email with instructions. I must say it was quite unclear (like the majority of the information we get from Hyper) what we were expected to hand in. However we had time for last minute text layout and some other nice stuff.

Yesterday was the 11:th of September and like every year since the twin towers I recalled what I did that year, how Tom Clancy was the first one to actually comment on the events. I don’t recall the interview word by word, but basically he said that he himself could organize a terrorist attack of that scale in with only a few days planning.

For comments on America’s political behavior post-9/11 I will refer to the excellent series Studio 60 on the Sunset strip.

Roy Andersson was in the latest issue of Nöjesguiden, he had loads of sharp things to say about the terrible state of the Swedish film industry, my favorite part was about the movie script and its place in Swedish drama ” It’s so dam idiotic, because a screenplay guarantees next to nothing. There has been an overwhelming trust in the screenplay. The whole damn Swedish film industry has attended those screenplay classes and that’s why all these fucking movies look just the same. They all read the book “How to write a selling screenplay”. Even Dramatiska Institutet who is meant to be the most important film school in Sweden bought it.”

On a happy note I got CSN, and won’t have to work extra at Sifo during the evenings.

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