Hello bloggreaders!
This is the first entry in my new blog, Jocke goes Hyper. Itt will escribe my experience of being a yper Island studen, my thoughts about the assignments we are given, problems, solutions and so on. I will try to keep this blog proffesional, but since my life in Karlskrona only circles around Hyper Island the border is quite thin and sometimes hard so see.

A few days ago I finished my first personal asignment, a 15 sec long animation. My intentions wasa to make it feel like the animations in Montey Pythons Flying Circus, Terry Gilliam eaven makes a cammeo. I worked mainly with photoshop during the assignment, building and creating art took way longer then the actual animation, i also keept to basic transforms, pre comps and masking and didn’t start to mess around with different animation f/x or filters. Partly because i didn’t want to run out of time with a compleatre mess to how and party because i culnd’t make them feel werry Gilliamish. If I have sucessfully learnt to use YouTube the film will be watchble below.

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